When a child steps outside...

A world of
opportunity opens up.

We are Thrive Outside - a community that cares about giving our youth access to the wonders of nature and helping them to thrive.   

Our Opportunity

Today on average, children spend less than 10 minutes a day playing outdoors

and 44 hours a week on screens.  This results in  a host of emotional and physical health problems.

(Source: Children & Nature Network)

Children need nature, but the sad reality is that they often don’t have the encouragement and even the opportunity to access it.

Friends Playing Video Games
Kids in the Garden

Our Solution

Research reveals that time spent in natural settings especially through hands-on, outdoor learning, boosts kids’ learning engagement, curiosity, creativity, environmental literacy and more.​

We partner with schools to bring nature to their students by designing and building dynamic ”Outdoor Learning Zones” coupled with teacher professional development in outdoor learning and teaching.

We also host events that encourage kids, teens, and their families to explore the outdoors.

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