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We're on a Mission.

We want our young people to

fall in love with nature.

We know that when they do,

it will help them to thrive. 


We are dedicated to helping our youth thrive through hands-on, outdoor learning and nature play.  We accomplish this by partnering with schools to design and implement dynamic, outdoor learning zones, coupled with teacher professional development in outdoor learning and teaching.


We also host a number of events aimed at encouraging kids, teens and their families to explore the outdoors.


Our Vision

We envision a world where all of our young people have access to nature and thrive through an intimate connection to our

natural world. 


Where they run outside to play after school rather than sit on a device.  Where their natural curiosity is piqued by the world around them, and where they feel compelled to explore, study and protect our Earth. 

We are working to change the face of education so that hands-on, outdoor learning and nature play become an integral part of educating the whole child, and outdoor exploration and activity become as enticing to kids and their families as spending time

on a screen. 


"Imagine a world....where children experience the joy of being in nature
before they learn of its loss."

Richard Louv, Author of Last Child in the Woods

Time in nature...


PIQUES their natural curiosity.


BOOSTS their emotional


EXPANDS their young minds
to what is possible.

"Teaching children about the natural world should be treated as one of the most important events in their lives."
Thomas Berry, Cultural Historian

Project Spotlight
Melville Elementary School

a Thrive Outside partner school


“I really love it. It's really nice. I love how in my 'sit spot' 

the sun really hits me. ”

--- Charlie Jackson, student

"Thrive Outside has been an integral part of the development and completion of our outdoor learning adventure zone.  The design plan developed, the dedication to the project and the overall ease of working with Thrive made what seemed to be an impossible project, possible.  We are so excited

about the opportunities that our new space will provide for students. 


We continue to collaborate with Thrive through scheduled professional development activities, that have opened our teacher's eyes to a whole new level of learning that can take place outdoors.  I would highly recommend Shannon and her Thrive Outside team for any of your

outdoor learning needs."

— Elizabeth Viveiros, former Melville Elementary School Principal

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