The Thrive Outside Approach

Thrive Outside is dedicated to helping our young people thrive through outdoor learning and play.  Our unique, comprehensive approach is what gets the job done.  


How does it work?  


We partner with a school or organization to initiate, create and sustain outdoor learning environments, teacher practices and programs.  By facilitating the complete process we are able to leverage our multiple resources to successfully implement your entire outdoor learning project.

 Our Process 


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Collaboration is key to a successful design.  For this reason, we engage ALL of the stakeholders in your school or organization in the design process to meet your educational goals and dreams for outdoor learning.  

The result is a vision for an outdoor learning environment complete with a budget, phasing, and funding strategy.


Guiteras Elementary School Discovery Garden, Bristol, RI

We help your ideas come to fruition by developing a construction strategy.  By utilizing a combination of professional and volunteer effort we organize and coordinate so that your outdoor learning environment can be built in a timely manner.


Our education consultant will work with your teachers and employees to further their educational goals through outdoor learning. 

Sustainability is key so we work with you over time to implement these new teaching practices.



We want your new outdoor learning environment to thrive so we offer on-going support and we work with you to organize a committee to sustain.

We also make important community connections and provide you with a management plan for maintenance.

We make things simple.

Partner with us and we will facilitate

the entire process. 

Project Spotlight
Melville Elementary School

a Thrive Outside partner school


“I really love it. It's really nice. I love how in my 'sit spot' 

the sun really hits me. ”

--- Charlie Jackson, student

"Thrive Outside has been an integral part of the development and completion of our outdoor learning adventure zone.  The design plan developed, the dedication to the project and the overall ease of working with Thrive made what seemed to be an impossible project, possible.  We are so excited

about the opportunities that our new space will provide for students. 


We continue to collaborate with Thrive through scheduled professional development activities, that have opened our teacher's eyes to a whole new level of learning that can take place outdoors.  I would highly recommend Shannon and her Thrive Outside team for any of your

outdoor learning needs."

— Elizabeth Viveiros, former Melville Elementary School Principal