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Mud Pie Anyone? Making Memorable Moments During Our Thrive Spring Scavenger Hunt!

“I’ve never made a mud pie before,” one of the boys admitted.

Another was concerned about getting too dirty. Serving up a mud pie was on our scavenger list, so despite their reservations we decided to give it a go, mushing the glorious mud into a big, fat patty. To make it more appetizing, one of my son’s friends suggested that we decorate it with dandelions, which proved to be the perfect pop of color that we needed!

The boys’ comfort zones were pushed even further when we were tasked with jumping in a muddy puddle!

Already I could tell that these were activities that most certainly wouldn’t have happened on a typical school vacation day had we not been motivated to find and participate in as many activities on our list as possible; striving to win the top prize – the sought-after Razor Fuzion Gold Pro X3 Trick Scooter.

Next up, was hunting for a “pirate ship” and doing our own beach clean-up. The trio’s imaginations were set adrift when we found an old dingy washed up on the shore and improvised to make it into our "Team Handsome Squidwards Shipwreck".

They also were surprised by the trash that they found washed up on the beach and we talked about the movement called “plogging” which started in Sweden with folks picking up litter while jogging. We decided that we were “plalking” instead – picking up litter while walking!

We then spied “something that can’t go inside” as a huge barge made its way through Narragansett Bay. Another item checked off of our list!

One of my favorite moments though was when we learned what “skunk cabbage” was as we searched for it along our walk. They were all so curious about the plant that they had seen so many times. This spurred a discussion about the wetland where it grew and the skunk-like odor that the plant emits to attract pollinators.

We wrapped up our Thrive Outside adventure with subs from the local take-out shop and a picnic outside. But first, we had to "take a selfie while hiking".

Whenever my son and I talk about the puddle jumping we instantly start laughing. What a simple pleasure it was and probably wouldn’t have happened otherwise.

I think that we all slept well that night having been in the sunshine and fresh air for hours. I fell asleep reflecting on how that mud pie making and the rest of our adventure made something else much less tangible – memories to cherish.

Wishing you time to make memorable moments thriving outside,

Shannon Rozea

Founding Director and Landscape Architect for Thrive Outside

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These children will never forget the day they played in the mud (and it was actually OK!!) and finding the dinghy and who knows what else as they explored and discovered the vast outdoors. Such a refreshing (and muddy!) article.

Replying to

I'm so sorry Adrianne, but I didn't see your thoughtful comment until now! Thank you so much for your kind words. It was a day to remember for sure!

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