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It's all in your perspective.

I do the same walk almost daily and each time it’s a new experience.  

I love how the light dances on the ocean on a blustery, sunny day, and then it works to mirror the sky on a calm, cloudy one. Each time I come away with a fresh perspective.

As the December cold and darkness cloaks us, we may find ourselves experiencing nature more through a window than through an outdoor experience.

But what do we miss when we do this?

While we may feel the sun’s warmth through the windowpane, we won’t smell the damp earth, feel the chilly wind moving through our hair, or the sound of leaves crunching under our feet.

This nature sensory engagement enlivens us - piquing our curiosity and shining a light on the wonder around us.

It’s such a rich experience that experts consider it to be a critical component of childhood development, yet many children today are spending much of their time inside on screens, and some children do not have access to safe, beautiful natural spaces.

At Thrive Outside, we are working to give every child this vital nature nourishment and to foster this crucial nature relationship.

This past month, our Teacher Learning Circle teachers were challenged to look at their schoolyards from a new perspective by learning how to “teach on asphalt” to find nature learning opportunities in unlikely spaces (they also had to brave the stormy weather!).

During our family hike at the Osamequin Nature Preserve kids and adults alike sought out nature’s details - an acorn, a tidal zone, an osprey nest - checking items off their scavenger hunt lists. They also eagerly took turns peering out from a wildlife “hide”– experiencing nature from yet another perspective.

December often brings a lot of busyness and time inside, but if we venture outside, it also affords us the opportunity to look at things differently.

Join us at one of our Family Hikes, or simply step outside for a walk and see for yourself how the fresh air can bring a fresh perspective.

Wishing you time to Thrive Outside,

~ Shannon Rozea

 Founding Director & Landscape Architect

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